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Darcey Elizabeth Sunshine Doig was born on the 20th April 2016.  Her incredibly excited big brother insisted that if it was sunny on the day she was born, we must name her Sunshine (we lived in Scotland at that time and the chances of sun were slim!).  Sure enough, the 20th of April was the sunniest day of the year!  

Darcey was a force from the first breath, so much so we often joked we should have named her Storm!!  Anything she put her mind to she did with all her heart and soul, from the monkey bars, to climbing walls, to learning to swim.  Her fearlessness was a true inspiration to those around her, especially her parents.

On 14th February 2020, just 2 months before her 4th birthday, Darcey's life was cut short due to a tragic accident in our swimming pool.  This taught us that pool safety is not just about teaching your child to swim confidently, it's about teaching all aspects of water safety.

Darcey's short life inspired those who loved her to "Be More Darcey", live bravely each day, and spread a little Sunshine.

Two years on from losing our gorgeous Darcey, and her legacy continues to spread rays of Sunshine to the lives of many children.  We hope, with your help, this continues for many years to come.

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