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It's the topic none of us want to think about as the weather warms and we head to the local pool, beach or dam for a dip in the cool water with our kids, but with an average of 450 children drowning each year in South Africa, it's a topic that must be discussed.  

Here are some uncomfortable stats for you...

  • Children under 1 year of ages are most likely to drown at home in a bath or a bucket.

  • Children age 1-4 years old are most likely to drown in a swimming pool.

  • Children aged 5 years or older are far more likely to drown in open bodies of water, such as ponds,  dams or rivers.

  • Although the statistics show the numbers of fatal drownings, they do not show the large number of children left severely disabled following near drowning incidents.

  • The majority of these drowning incidents are completely preventable with water safety education!!!!

  • Each of our communities has an open body of water within easy walking distance, and by age 5 most children will be freely wandering with friends, unsupervised by an adult.

It is our belief that learning to swim is an essential life skill, and yet this education is so often offered only to those who can afford it.  We aim to teach our Sunshine kids not only how to swim, but how to be safe and keep their friends safe around water.  We also aim to ensure our kids know what to do in case of emergency.  It is our hope that through this project, we can reduce the number of tragic drowning incidents occurring each year in this country.

Through partnership with local swim schools and preschools in vulnerable communities, we aim to implement water safety education into every grade R curriculum.  This year, 2022, we have brought 138 children from 4 preschools into our program, supplying a year of practical water safety education, including weekly survival swimming classes.  Our pool based classes ensure children are confident in breathing, floating and propulsion, and our land based classes ensure children have a good understanding of the dangers surrounding water play, how to keep safe, and what to do in case of emergency.

Each child receives a swim bag with towel, costume, and cap, allowing them to enjoy their classes on an even platform.

It is our hope, that The Sunshine Swim Project will remove the financial barrier to water safety education and learning to swim, not only to save lives, but perhaps even inspire a few Sunshine kids to take their swimming further!!  

Help us maintain and expand this fantastic initiative today!  Why not set up a recurring donation through PayFast and sponsor a child's swim classes each month? Every little helps, with your help we can SPREAD THE SUNSHINE and save some lives!!

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